Kensuke's Kingdom Book Entry March 1, 2010

The literature book I read is called KENSUKE'S KINGDOM by Michael Morpurgo. This book made me feel thankful for having a loving family and to have a roof over my head. Just like Michael in the book I once felt like I was not with my family and like I was stranded on an island all alone. I think this is an alright book for me because the book never jumps from place to place then after it gets to the point it will changes subjects.

One of the main character in the story is Michael. I feel that he changes mostly in the book. When he first goes onto the island he makes a big fire then someone or something puts it out. That someone was Kensuke. Michael just hates Kensuke for putting out a fire that he spent a lot of time making. Through out the book Michael learns that all the times he thought Kensuke was being mean, he was actually trying to keep Michael and the island safe.

The problem of this book is when Michael is stranded out on an island and wants his mom and dad to find him and take him home. Kensuke does not want to be found so he puts out, kicks, and knocks down all that Michael makes to tell his mom and dad he is okay. Kensuke learns Michael's feelings so he helps him get home. After I finished the book I felt good because Kensuke lighted up to help Michael be with his family again. If I could change anything in the book I would change Michael's character around. For some reason I found his character a little dull. I think the author's message was to not give up when something does not go the way we wanted. Like when I was little, I like hockey so I wanted to skate so badly, but a lot of the time I would just fall over. Then after a while I was about to give up then my mom came and told me to keep trying, and now look at me I'm like the fastest skater on my team.