Reading Response-Shiloh

I recently finished a book called Shiloh by Phyllis Renolds Naylor. This book made me sad in some parts, but in most parts happy. My connection with this book is connecting to the main character, Marty. After a long while with knowing Shiloh, Marty really wants to keep him. On every Sunday there is a dog adoption somewhere up in Central and I went to one of them just to look around. I saw this one dog that I really wanted but my mom said we already had enough trouble getting my real dog hear to Hong Kong from the States. This is a just right book for me because I understood the author's message very well and understood the book just as well.

The character in this book that changes the most is Jud Travers. He is sort of the bad guy in the book. He is a real mean guy who likes to hunt. He owns a bunch of hunting dogs and one of them is Shiloh. He changes from like I said being real mean to an Ok kind of guy. He still needs to clean up his act a little. Marty also changes in the book from being a kid that lies a lot and keeps secrets to him self like when he finds Shiloh, he doesn't tell any one about him.

The problem in this story is that Marty really wants Shiloh but he is one of Judd's best hunting dogs. In the end Marty works a certain amount for Judd and finally gets works up enough money to pay Judd for Shiloh. I was glad about the way the book ended. If I could change any thing in the book I would make Judd a little less mean, but I think that story is better with Judd being so mean. I think that the authors message was to put forth a little effort into life and to be thankful of what you have.

Reading Response - April 27

The name of the book that I have recently finished is called LOSE TEAM LOSE by R.L Stine.It is the fourth book in the Rotten School series. This book made me laugh almost the whole time I was reading it. I can connect to the main character Bernie becase he is the quarterback of the barding school's football team. It is a losing team but ends up winning the campionship. That same thing happened to me my second year playing flag football. This is a just right book for me because I could under stand everything the author was saying.

The character that changes the most is Bernie. He changes from thinking "this is the worst team ever" and then when they start to win thinking "We rock". Another character that changes is April-May-June. As Bernie says she is his girlfriend but just dosen't know it yet. She cheers for the boarding school's soccer team becasue they win a lot of the time. Later when Bernie's team starts to win she cheeres for them.

The problem of this story is that Bernie is on a losing team and he really wants to win. With the biggest, strongest girl in the school liking him he gets her to play for the team and they end up winning the championship. I feel good about how the problem was solved, but I don't think it was right to just use Jennifer( the huge one) into winning the season. The authors message was that you should keep trying no matter what.

Civil War Reading Blog

The civil war book I read is called CORY'S UNDERGROUND RAILROAD DIARY, by Sharon Dennis Wyeth. At times in this book I was happy and some times I felt bad for the main character, Cory, and sometimes I was even scared. There was once where I thought that I was not free in this world, almost like a slave. I have and always will think that slavery was the worst thing that could ever happen. I found this book a fast read because I read it in like two or three days but it was still a good book for me because there was a lot that I connect to.

There is really only one character to talk about and that is Corey. He is the only slave child that I have heard that can read and write. He is to keep it a secret from his master sense slaves are not supposed to read or write. Corey doesn't change as much as I thought he would but he did change. At the start Corey as all to him self and not really talking, like being shy. Then when he hears that his father is going to make a run for it while their master is away. Corey has to start to deal with big things now and after his dad leaves he and his mother leave and now he has to be brave if he is separated from his mom.

The problem of this book is basically slavery. It not fully resolved because slavery still exsisted even though Corey was in Canada. I felt good that Corey was with his dad again and free in Canada. If I could change anything in this book it would be that Corey lived so close in the closest state in the south so it wouldn't take as long to get there. There isn'y really a message in this book because it is a dairy but I would say it is to never give up on life.

Kensuke's Kingdom Book Entry March 1, 2010

The literature book I read is called KENSUKE'S KINGDOM by Michael Morpurgo. This book made me feel thankful for having a loving family and to have a roof over my head. Just like Michael in the book I once felt like I was not with my family and like I was stranded on an island all alone. I think this is an alright book for me because the book never jumps from place to place then after it gets to the point it will changes subjects.

One of the main character in the story is Michael. I feel that he changes mostly in the book. When he first goes onto the island he makes a big fire then someone or something puts it out. That someone was Kensuke. Michael just hates Kensuke for putting out a fire that he spent a lot of time making. Through out the book Michael learns that all the times he thought Kensuke was being mean, he was actually trying to keep Michael and the island safe.

The problem of this book is when Michael is stranded out on an island and wants his mom and dad to find him and take him home. Kensuke does not want to be found so he puts out, kicks, and knocks down all that Michael makes to tell his mom and dad he is okay. Kensuke learns Michael's feelings so he helps him get home. After I finished the book I felt good because Kensuke lighted up to help Michael be with his family again. If I could change anything in the book I would change Michael's character around. For some reason I found his character a little dull. I think the author's message was to not give up when something does not go the way we wanted. Like when I was little, I like hockey so I wanted to skate so badly, but a lot of the time I would just fall over. Then after a while I was about to give up then my mom came and told me to keep trying, and now look at me I'm like the fastest skater on my team.