Reading Response - April 27

The name of the book that I have recently finished is called LOSE TEAM LOSE by R.L Stine.It is the fourth book in the Rotten School series. This book made me laugh almost the whole time I was reading it. I can connect to the main character Bernie becase he is the quarterback of the barding school's football team. It is a losing team but ends up winning the campionship. That same thing happened to me my second year playing flag football. This is a just right book for me because I could under stand everything the author was saying.

The character that changes the most is Bernie. He changes from thinking "this is the worst team ever" and then when they start to win thinking "We rock". Another character that changes is April-May-June. As Bernie says she is his girlfriend but just dosen't know it yet. She cheers for the boarding school's soccer team becasue they win a lot of the time. Later when Bernie's team starts to win she cheeres for them.

The problem of this story is that Bernie is on a losing team and he really wants to win. With the biggest, strongest girl in the school liking him he gets her to play for the team and they end up winning the championship. I feel good about how the problem was solved, but I don't think it was right to just use Jennifer( the huge one) into winning the season. The authors message was that you should keep trying no matter what.


  1. I think that you did a good job with your blog, but I think that you could have used a little more detail in the passage. Also some of the blog was kind off foggy for me. What I mean by that is that you talk about the girl cheering. Is she a cheerleader or just a fan. Secondly is the girls name Jennifer or is that someone else. The reason I ask is that you don't mention it until the end of the passage. So if you could've changed that it would have been really good. I also I agree that the authors message was to never give up and always believe. Overall I think that this was a good passage.

  2. Nice job. I think you also should of put more detail. I didn't really understand what you meant about how May-June-July changed. You should also explain how Jennifer helped them win. I agree with you on the authors message, but you forgot to say what you would change it into. By that I mean you did write what you were going to change but you forgot to tell us what you were going to change it into. Other than that great job.