Civil War Reading Blog

The civil war book I read is called CORY'S UNDERGROUND RAILROAD DIARY, by Sharon Dennis Wyeth. At times in this book I was happy and some times I felt bad for the main character, Cory, and sometimes I was even scared. There was once where I thought that I was not free in this world, almost like a slave. I have and always will think that slavery was the worst thing that could ever happen. I found this book a fast read because I read it in like two or three days but it was still a good book for me because there was a lot that I connect to.

There is really only one character to talk about and that is Corey. He is the only slave child that I have heard that can read and write. He is to keep it a secret from his master sense slaves are not supposed to read or write. Corey doesn't change as much as I thought he would but he did change. At the start Corey as all to him self and not really talking, like being shy. Then when he hears that his father is going to make a run for it while their master is away. Corey has to start to deal with big things now and after his dad leaves he and his mother leave and now he has to be brave if he is separated from his mom.

The problem of this book is basically slavery. It not fully resolved because slavery still exsisted even though Corey was in Canada. I felt good that Corey was with his dad again and free in Canada. If I could change anything in this book it would be that Corey lived so close in the closest state in the south so it wouldn't take as long to get there. There isn'y really a message in this book because it is a dairy but I would say it is to never give up on life.