A Double Fudge Journal Response

The book I am going to do a journal response on is Double Fudge. The author of the book is Judy Blume one of my favorite authors. This book filled me with joy because of how the author describes the characters and the setting, but what mostly fills me with joy is just how she wrote the book. I have a connection to two of the main characters. I connect to Peter because he has to deal with the annoyance of his little brother Fudge who connects to my brother Blake. They are both so annoying but from time to time the are good to be around.

I think the character that changed the most is probably be Pete because he goes from hating Fudge because he was obsessed with money to not really hating him because it was something new Fudge has not ever known about. Peter changes when he notices that Fudge doesn't talk a lot about money any more.Fudge does not have a big change but he did go from not knowing about money to knowing a little bit about it. He changes by going to Washington,DC's money factory.

The problem in this story is that Fudge, and Peter meet there long lost Aunt, Uncle, and cousins. The youngest cousin in the Howies name is also Farley Drexel(That is Fudge's real name). They have to find a good name for Farley because Fudge does not like the idea of his cousin having his name. The name they come up with is Little Farley. The other problem is that Uncle Feathers(Fudge's bird) is not talking like he normally does. When he is let out of his cage by Little Farley he goes crazy and rams into a wall then all of a sudden he is talking again. The last problem is with Peter. The two daughters of the Howies are called the Natural Butties and they are annoying Peter and now they go to school with him they are in all his classes. They finally leave the school and Peter's life is better.
If I could change anything in the book I would make Peter's dog start talking so that the would have more problems. He would start talking because he learns from Uncle Feathers always talking.


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  1. A very good job on your journal entry and a book you obviously really liked. Being that it is realistic fiction it also fits in well with our current writing unit. You can make connections here as well. You did mention that your connections were to two characters but you only mentioned one connection. Please be more careful with this next time.

    I really enjoyed your character analysis but thought that it could have more details from the story in it to illustrate your points. Go into a lot of detail with the characters and try not to leave anything out. Use our Character Traits poster in the room if that will help you out.