Rading Response

I'am going to do a reading response on a book called The Summer of Riley by Eve Bunting. The book has a sad tail to it but I think it was relly good. I can connect the whole story with a book I have read that is a bout a boy who tries to save his dog from being exicuted. I think this is a just right book for me because I could picture the setting in my mind just by the authors discription.

There is one character that I can easily discrabe. His name is William, he is very kind and he is willing to save Riley troughout the whole story. Then theres Grace, she is sort of on both sides. She cares for the horse that was damaged by Riley and shemalso cares for Riley bercause she does not want him dead. William does not really cahnge but Grace changes. She goes from totaly being on the horses side to on both. I think she changes becaue of William's care for the dog.

The problem of the story is Riley gets lose from William and chases William's neighbor's horse. She gets really mad at William so she calls animal controll and wants them to kill Riley. If I could change anything in the book I would change Riley from a Golden Lab to a Chihuahua.

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