Sign of the Beaver Summary

Off goes Matt's father back to Quincy to get Matt's Mom from delivering a baby. Matt is in charge of the cabin in the woods. What Matt doesn't know is that while he is alone there are Indians stalking him. So one day Matt spots one of these Indians named Attean. When Matt fallows Attean back to the Indian hunting ground, Attean's Grandfather notices that Matt can read. He asks Matt to teach Attean to read because Attean does not know how to read. The first two days of Matt's teaching don't go so well. The next few days of teaching is not Matt teaching Attean, it is Attean teaching Matt, well sort of. Attean teaches Matt to fish the Indian way and other things. Later on in the story Attean starts to relisie that Matt is not the mean white boy he thought he would be. It has been a long time sence Matt's fathter was supposed to be home so Attean and his Gradfather offer Matt to become on of them. It takes a while for Matt to thing about it, but then he thinks about his real family so he decides to stay in the cabin in the forest alone than go with the Indians that will never return to the old village. During Matt's lonsome he uses all the things Attean tought him to survive the winter. Then Matt sees someone and other people, it is his little sister, Mom, Dad, but no baby. Matt's Dad explians that there was a sickness durring the time the family was supost to return and that the baby only lived for about two days. Matt tells his parents about the Indians and how they invited him to the all night long feast. Then the whole familly lives together in the forest happilly.

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