Whipping Boy Summary

Poor Jemmy, living the punishment from things he never did do. It is Prince Horace AKA Prince Brat that is causing this. Well Jemmy is the royal whipping boy and he has to be whipped when the prince does anything wrong. Jemmy decides that he can't take it anymore so he leaves the castle surprisingly with the prince. All is good until two cutthroats appear and take the kids to their den and make the prince write a note to the king but Prince Brat does not know how to write so Jemmy says that he is the prince because as a whipping boy you have to be taught. So from then on the cutthroats believe that Jemmy is the Prince. After that the two boys escape and that is when the chase is on. The rest of the book takes place in more of the forest, a carnival, and the sewers. And that is where the kids are captured but not for long. An old time friend of Jemmy when he was a rat catcher releases the rats he caught over to Billy and Cutwater. The rats clime all over them and scare them right into the dungeon, well sort of. Jemmy and Prince Brat return to the the castle where Jemmy is let go of the job of the royal whipping boy. Prince Brat then learns to read and write with Jemmy and they become closer friends more an more.

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