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The name of the book I read earlier is called The Terror of the Pink Dodo Balloons. The book was written by Lawrence David. this book made me feel good because I really like the description the author used. I really liked the book, it was very enjoyable. The main character is a super hero so I have a connection to him. Sometimes I feel like I can be a hero when I am in baseball games or hockey games to win the game for my team. I think this is a just right book because the author uses such good writing that I could picture the setting in my mind.

Horace Splatty is the main character who is a super hero because of his sisters magic cupcakes that give him super powers to do many amazing things. Every year the town has a Celernip Prince Pageant and Horace is desperate to win the pageant because the winner got to pick a Celernip Princes and Horace loves a girl. He goes from wanting to win so bad that he forgets his friends to not caring about winning. Another character is Auggie. He is Horace's best friend. When the Pink Dodo balloons come and pop on his head and he becomes bald he thinks that it is all Horaces fault. Auggie and his brother Xax are the only ones that know that he is the Cupcaked Crusader(the super hero). After the balloon problem Auggie hates Horace.

The problem in this book is that Pink Dodo balloons that have the CupCaked Crusader come to the town after one school day. Auggie and Sara Willow get carried up on the balloon and the balloon pops and out comes a little butterfly hair clip and eats up all the hair on their heads. Auggie blames it on Horace but Horace keeps trying to tell Auggie that he had nothing to do with it. Later on even more balloons come and eat almost all of the towns people's hair off. Horace finds out that the once Kitty Hello has returned for her revenge on the people for saying that her hair cutting business was bad. Everyone thought she was away when she was disguising heself as Kitty's sister Bitty Hello. Horace stops Kitty and apologizes with Auggie and everyone has that's hair came of had to wear a wig until their hair was back.
If I could change anything in the book I think I would have all of the town be super-heroes.

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